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A medical team discovers in Brazil the oldest person in the world

Brazilian media reported that officials believed they had discovered the oldest living woman in the world, at the age of 121 years; This discovery was made when a medical team was taken to the residence of Maria Gomez dos Reis in Pom Jesus da Lapa, Brazil, according to the newspaper, "Daily Mail".

Gómez dos Reis was born on June 16, 1900, in the village of Bom Jesus da Lapa in Bella Vista, according to her birth certificate.

According to the Brazilian news site "G1", Dos Reis is still residing in her small town, noting that all her children have died and she now lives with her granddaughter Celia Gomez.

Gomez said her grandmother was very active even eight years ago, when she was preparing meals and washing clothes.

And she continued, "We know that she has advanced in age, but we are surprised by the idea that she is the oldest in the world."

Source News : Published: 07.05.2022


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