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A young German woman inherits $4 billion, makes her "very upset" ! ?

A young German woman, Marilyn Engelhorn, inherited more than 4 billion dollars, but is "very upset" with the wealth, and wants to get rid of it completely.!?

The New York Post said in a report that Engelhorn, 30, inherited more than $4 billion from her grandmother, Traudel Engelhorn Vecchiato, from her family's centuries-old chemical company. But the young woman who lives in Austria, which repealed inheritance tax laws entirely in 2008, says her best-case scenario is for her to pay 90% of that money into taxes.

Engelhorn told the newspaper that several people approached her for financial assistance after her statements about her inheritance, but she believes that the state should decide how to redistribute its wealth through taxes rather than its own decision.

The German woman is a co-founder of a group called "Tax Me Now", an initiative launched by the wealthy, who want to redistribute the wealth of the rich by imposing higher taxes on them in Germany and Austria.

Engelhorn, who grew up in a Vienna palace, affirmed that she "believes that no one should have this much tax-free money and power," noting that she is "a victim of an unequal society... and lived a life of full privileges which made her worldview too narrow," but then acquired her principles during her university life.

The Engelhorn family's net worth is estimated at $4.2 billion and came from Frederick Engelhorn's founding of the chemical company BASF in 1865.

Source: "The New York Post" - Russia Today - Published on 3-November-2022


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