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After 28 years of being "dead", he did not know was his wife!

A 71-year-old man from the Brazilian region of Tocantins was declared dead in 1995, based on the testimony of his ex-wife and two witnesses, to spend the next 28 years of his life legally dead.

On August 16, Manuel Marciano's death certificate was finally canceled after a two-year legal battle.

The man began to suffer from problems collecting his pension, which forced him to contact the authorities. The surprise was that he had been legally dead for 28 years.

The man learned that his ex-wife and two other witnesses were the ones who announced his death to the authorities.

It is not clear why Manuel's ex-wife announced his death in 1995, but he said he noticed something strange in 2012, when he tried to vote in the local elections and was told he was not on the list, but he didn't care at the time.

Ultimately, the septuagenarian had to hire a lawyer to challenge the death certificate and obtain a new birth certificate.

Fingerprint testing helped prove that he was alive, in addition to several witnesses to confirm that he was not actually dead.

Finally, he was able to "return to life", but the reason for his wife's action remains unknown.

Source published on September 1,2023


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