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An Astonishing truth revealed after 50 years !! 🫢

A video broadcasted on news and social media platforms in June 2018 showed a car driven onto a youth baseball field while children and adults scattered.

Man tried to protect children when he was struck by a car.

He was initially hailed as a hero until he was revealed to have been the perpetrator of another fatal hit-and-run 50 years earlier.

The hero of Goodall Park was initially celebrated and mourned, but a revelation from another place and another time changed everything. It was on Halloween night, 50 years ago, that a four-year-old girl named Carolee Ashby was hit and killed by a car in Fulton, N.Y. Her identity remained hidden for 45 years after she died. It was a young Douglas Parkhurst who confessed after the statute of limitations expired in 2013, the driver who killed her in a "hit and run" accident while he was drunk and never reported the accident.


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