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An embarassing moment @ the swimming pool

A young lady was swimming at a pool in the gym and was having a great time burning calories and keeping fit.

To her horror, she found that her swimsuit had torn open at the bottom leaving her bit exposed.

Using her hands to cover up her modesty, she stealthily exited the pool by the side and grabbed a nearby sign to cover up.

This got even more attention. She looked down at the sign: “Depth 1.8metres"

Slightly embarrassed, she got rid of that sign and quickly grabbed another.

More stares came her way. The sign read: “Men's entrance"

She could sense her face getting redder by the moment, threw away the sign, and grabbed the last one she could grab.

Practically everyone was looking at her now, if not for the spectacle she was causing, but for what was now on that sign.

“Repairs ongoing, please enter from the rear"😁😁😁😁

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