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"Can Bananas Improve Heart Health? Exploring the Benefits of Incorporating Bananas into Your Diet"

Dr. Yevgeny Arzamastsev, a Russian nutrition expert, announced that bananas are useful for preventing heart disease because they contain potassium and vitamin B group.

He says: “Muscle tissue needs a lot of potassium. If its level is normal, muscle conduction improves and the heart’s work is facilitated. The vitamin B group is also useful for this. Of course, bananas will not save a person from contracting the diseases he suffers from, but they are useful for prevention and improving the work of the heart.”

In addition, bananas also contain silicon, which protects the skin and improves the condition of hair and nails.

The doctor points out that bananas contain a high percentage of sugar and a small percentage of dietary fiber. Therefore, it should not be consumed in large quantities, as it is enough to take one or two pills a day.

He says: “If a person is not physically active or does not exercise, it is best to alternate eating bananas with other fruits during the week. People with diabetes should also avoid bananas completely.”

Source: - Publication date: 14/03/2024 -


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