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Exciting video: A swarm of drones sweeps through a dense forest!

Chinese researchers have created small drones capable of flying autonomously in a "swarm" that can sweep through dense forests, in a scene described by The Times as looking like a scene from a science fiction movie.

According to the British newspaper report, a video clip showed palm-sized drones using cameras and sensors to avoid barriers and other aircraft, and analysts believe that this development may have repercussions on military operations and search and rescue operations.

Drone swarms have been tested before, but in open and unobstructed environments, or pre-programmed to the locations of those obstacles. The great progress came in terms of the algorithm that provides the swarm with the ability to avoid collision, give it flight efficiency, and enable it to coordinate jointly.

The team tested its drones in various scenarios such as flying through a bamboo forest, dodging other drones in a crowded experience, and programming the robots to follow a person's footsteps.

The technology is still in the experimental stage, but it could still be used in many ways in the future.


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