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He fell on a car from the nineteenth floor and got up singing about his beloved!

Video clips of the moment a man miraculously survived who fell from the nineteenth floor in the Russian city of Voronezh, were spread on social networks and the media, while the car he fell on appears destroyed.

Neighbors of the man, who fell on a four-wheel drive car that was parked next to the building, said that the accident occurred after a quarrel with a girl.

A video clip appeared documenting the moment of the fall, and his collision with the car, which was subsequently severely damaged.

After the Civil Protection Units came and pulled him out of the car, the man got up on his legs, sang a clip from a famous song "Love is like a dream", then walked to the ambulance, which then took him to the hospital.

The man later said he did it because of a fight with a girl.

According to the doctors who examined him and are supervising his health, the 40-year-old man has mild injuries represented in a mild concussion and a small fracture in one of his fingers.

The doctors said that he will stay for a week and a half in the hospital, explaining that although he did not suffer any apparent serious injuries, the fall from this high height (19 floors), which caused a strong collision, may have repercussions later.

Source: Agencies Publish date: 05.04.2023 @


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