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"Home by the Sea" is a song by the British musician and singer-songwriter Phil Collins

May be not a happy song, but nice music from the 80's with a great singing voice of Phil Collins. It was originally released on the 1983 Genesis album, "Genesis," and later appeared on Collins' 1990 album, "Serious Hits... Live!".

The song tells a story about a man who enters an old abandoned house on the coast and is drawn in by its eerie atmosphere. As he explores the house, he begins to experience strange and frightening visions. He soon realizes that the house is haunted by the ghosts of its former occupants, who are luring him in to keep him there forever.

Musically, the song features a slow and haunting melody, with Collins' vocals accompanied by atmospheric keyboards and guitar. The lyrics create a sense of tension and unease, building up to a climactic ending where the protagonist is trapped in the house forever.

"Home by the Sea" is considered one of Genesis' most atmospheric and haunting songs, and it remains a favorite among fans of the band and Phil Collins' solo work.

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