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'Infernal plan': A woman buried a game in a fake grave to get $2 million from 3 insurance companies

In Jordan, a woman defrauded insurance companies by claiming 1.5 million dinars (about $2 million).

About 8 people were arrested including the woman's dad, who works in tourism, along with others who work in forensic medicine and private hospitals in eastern Amman who helped the woman with medical report and death certificate.

The lady had 3 life insurance policies with 3 Jordanian companies.

Shortly after, specifically in October, her death was announced and the papers required to obtain the insurance amount began to be prepared by a number of lawyers.

During the procedures taken by the insurance companies, the woman was able to obtain a death certificate, and the burial and funeral ceremonies took place in their usual form, to find out later that the lady is alive, and the incident was just a play to hide the crime of fraud and claim life insurance's money.

Suspicion arose among the employees of the insurance companies, when the medical file of the woman was not obtained, and the companies filed a complaint and opened an investigation into the death incident, and it was found that the woman had faked her death!!

After exhuming the grave in which the lady was supposed to be buried, a plastic doll was found instead 😌

Source RT Today


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