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Japanese company unveils a vertical room to take a nap in a standing position!

Experts have long argued that taking a "nap" at work can increase alertness, boost productivity, and even make you more creative.

Now, a Japanese company has unveiled a contraption that makes it easier for workers to take a quick nap than in the past: "Giraffenap" is a vertical pod that allows office workers to sleep upright, like long-necked mammals. It contains a series of platforms that support the weight of the body while blocking out noise from outside. Giraffenap is developed by Koyoju Plywood Corporation in Hokkaido, Japan - a country where it is already socially acceptable to sleep at your desk. - Giraffenap for the convenience of the staff.

The company said it was working "for a society where everyone can easily take a nap" and ultimately "improving business and healthcare".

The company says: "There are probably many people who could not get rid of physical fatigue and stress and put up with sleepiness and continued to work. Now, we are approaching an era when we dismantle such stereotypes. Take a nap while standing and charge your mind and body in a short time."

Koyoju Plywood Corporation offers two bedroom designs - the futuristic "space" and the more rustic "jungle".

However, at only 8.4 feet high and four feet wide, people who are held might want to opt for an office sofa or rest their heads on their desks the old-fashioned way.

The company says the upgraded chamber is intended for people no more than 6.5 feet tall or weighing more than 220 pounds (100 kilograms), as it is unlikely to fit them otherwise.

The capsule is also equipped with its own fire extinguisher, smoke detector, ventilation fan, LED ceiling and floor lighting and even metal fixtures to hang the jacket.

Despite the ventilation fan, the roof can be removed in case users want to breathe some natural air while resting.

And sound is blocked so no noise from a busy office can be heard, ensuring "your mind can be soothed in a quiet place," the company says.

And it's not just designed for offices; According to Japan Today, the machine is also being installed at coffee shops, including Harajuku Nescafé in downtown Tokyo, where it should give users a coffee alternative if they want to give themselves a new energy boost.

As pointed out by Koyoju Plywood Corporation, "numerous" studies have shown that active napping has a positive effect on healthy productivity and creativity.

Source: Daily Mail - Published august 14,2023 on


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