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Just five minutes spent on social media is enough to make you miserable: 😉Choose "Happynass"

LESS than five minutes spent on social media can be enough to make you miserable, a study found.

People scrolling Twitter or watching YouTube quickly see their moods ruined when they stumble across bad news.

Experts at the University of Essex found people who saw bad Covid-related news when they were on social media suffered an “immediate and significant” reduction in happiness. getting information from Twitter or YouTube, they found, was linked to a drop in positivity and made people feel less optimistic.

This could happen in just two to four minutes, they said, but if people looked for posts that showed acts of kindness instead they were less likely to end up in a bad mood.

The study, published in the journal PLOS One, quizzed 1,000 people about how they felt after reading or watching Covid news on social media.

13 Oct 2021- The Sun

The message is clear: will only contain good news, uplifting and motivational stories and interesting facts, all handpicked to ensure 0% Drama!!


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