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📺 News: 8 years old boy's coding award after lockdown boredom

14 August -2021- An eight-year-old boy who took up coding during lockdown has been recognized by his school for developing gaming apps based around lessons.

Akhil Akella, from Leicestershire, creates the educational software at home, taking the cue from classroom topics.

Akhil said he began watching videos on how to do it last year.

"I got into coding last lockdown because I was so bored," he said.

After returning to school, he started developing apps based on subjects he was learning - such as math and the solar system - and then shared them with friends and teachers.

Akhil was nominated for the trust's Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) award by his head teacher, competing with 12 other schools to land the prize.

Akhil - who has researched computer giants Bill Gates and Steve Jobs - said his ambition was to invent a smart car using artificial intelligence to reduce the amount of crashes.

He said: "I dream of a world with zero road accidents." - Great vision of an 8 years boy!

The eight-year-old's ultimate dream is to launch a company developing all sorts of smart devices: A smart house, smart fridge, smart watches, smart everything,"

"So you don't have to cook the food yourself, or switch on the light or open the door with your keys - if you want to open the door, you just use an eye scanner."


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