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📺 News: A "café" who employ persons with "Down syndrome", open in Damascus

16.09.2021- A café who's employees are born with "Down syndrome" open in Damascus.

You may click on the picture to watch the story (in Arabic) on you tube channel of Russia Today.

A group of young men and women work in a café in the Syrian capital, Damascus, in an attempt to overcome Down syndrome, which they suffer from.

Working in a café is part of getting involved in society and demonstrating the capabilities these young people have in work and social life. it is a great initiative to enroll those persons who are called "people of determination" in UAE, in society and to show no differentiation between humans.

3 years a go in Paris a new restaurant where most of the employees are developmentally disabled was opening; The brainchild of entrepreneur Yann Bucaille Lanrezac, "Joyeux" (means happy) has already made its mark in Rennes, in northwestern France, and is coming to the capital just in time for World Down Syndrome Day.

Story for the Restaurant in Paris on you tube link =


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