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📸 Photo: In deep Lebanon fuel Crisis : An act of compassion

August, 20, 2021 - Lebanon is suffering from economic and political crisis since October 2019- The Country is hit by huge shortage in all vital products and raw materials, in results, people are in queue at shops, petrol stations and bakeries, to get their daily basic needs such as food and petrol.

Today at one of petrol station long waiting queue, a mum and her daughters are offering the drivers who are waiting their turn to fill their car with petrol, water, juice and soft drinks, with a message on each bottle :"Your waiting time is important to us".

How beautiful and Compassionate for a humble gesture to ease the pain of Lebanese population, which give more hope in humanity and humbleness: Mum, and your daughters: THANK YOU , you are so KIND.

First Picture: The mum and her daughters standing preparing the juice, water and soft drink with a small ice fridge on a table to the drivers.

Second picture the long queue of drivers waiting their turn to fill petrol in their cars.

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