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plane returns to JFK Airport in New York because of a horse 🐴

A cargo plane flying from New York's John F. Kennedy Airport to Belgium was forced to return to the US airport after a horse broke free from its stall and wandered off, according to a voice message from the air traffic control tower.

The Boeing 747, operated by Air Atlanta Icelandic, just begun its transatlantic journey on November 9 when the pilot called the control tower in Boston and said that a horse on board had escaped from its stall.

The message said: “We have no problem with flying, but we need to return to New York,” according to an audio message. The pilot added, "We cannot get the horse back to its stall and secure it."

The control tower responded, saying, “Noted, you can return to Kennedy via the radar transmitters.”

The pilot explained that due to the weight of the plane, he had to get rid of 20 tons of fuel before returning to New York.

He reported this to the control tower and notified the adjacent pilots about a "fuel dump in progress approximately 10 miles off Martha's Vineyard."

The plane pilot also requested a veterinarian to examine the horse upon landing.

Source: Associated Press - Publication date: 11/15/2023 -


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