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She went to have her 👁 eyes checked to discover something that could have caused her death!

A woman who went to an ophthalmologist's office to get glasses was shocked when the ophthalmologist suspected she had a brain tumor and sent sent her for emergency surgery 12 hours later, saving her from a possible death if she would have postponed her visit to the specialist a day later.

British young Ellie Musgrove, "21", began suffering from severe headaches and neck pain after her birthday, but she knew it was more than just a headache after her birthday celebration, as Ellie felt she could not see, and her eyesight was damaged by the presence of spots, black and double vision.

After she called her GP, she was prescribed antibiotics over the phone because she suspected an ear infection, but her symptoms did not improve, prompting her to book an appointment with an eye specialist, thinking she needed glasses.

Ellie visited the clinic with her father, Mike, to be transferred quickly to the Royal Salford Hospital, in Greater Manchester, after the ophthalmologist noticed swelling in her optic nerve. 12 hours later, she underwent emergency brain surgery to drain the excess fluid around her brain, before undergoing An MRI the next day revealed that she had a brain tumor that caused Addison's disease - an uncommon disorder that occurs when your body doesn't produce enough of certain hormones.

“I also had blurry and double vision, black spots and started hearing the sounds of a beating heart,” Elle said. “The headache and neck pain seemed to be worse in the morning and evening but was still in the background all day. My GP suspected I had an ear infection and prescribed it.” Antibiotics and ibuprofen, but the symptoms did not improve.” After that, Elie visited the specialized clinic, where she was diagnosed, which saved her life, according to the doctors.

"I went from having my eyes checked at 11 a.m. to having emergency brain surgery by 11:30 p.m. that same day," Ellie said after the operation. Noting that an MRI scan the next day confirmed that she had a "brain tumor between the pineal glands and the pituitary gland", which obstructs the flow of fluids around her brain.

Ellie will now need to take steroids for life to manage the uncommon condition, but she is grateful that she went to the specialist after doctors told her that another day without medical action would have been fatal.


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