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Smooching over the internet is made possible with this Chinese device

An advertisement for a kissing device designed for long-distance lovers on China's online shopping site Taobao.

Want to send your faraway lover a kiss? A Chinese contraption with warm, moving silicon “lips” appears to have just the answer.

The device, advertised as a way to let long-distance couples share “real” physical intimacy, is causing a buzz among Chinese social media users, who have reacted with both intrigue and shock.

Equipped with pressure sensors and actuators, the device is said to be able to mimic a real kiss by replicating the pressure, movement and temperature of a user’s lips.

Along with the kissing motion, it can also transmit the sound the user makes.

However, while many social media users saw a funny side to the device, others criticized it as “vulgar” and “creepy.” Some voiced concerns that minors could buy and use it. On the Twitter-like platform, several hashtags about the device have racked up hundreds of millions of views over the past week.

To send a kiss, users need to download a mobile phone app and plug the device into their phone’s charging port. After pairing with their partners in the app, couples can start a video call and transmit replicas of their smooches to each other.

The kissing device is advertised as a way to share physical intimacy between long-distance couples and was advertised on "Taobao".

Taobao is an online shopping platform based in China, similar to eBay and Amazon. It is owned by the Alibaba Group, which is one of the world's largest e-commerce companies. Taobao is primarily used by Chinese consumers to buy and sell goods, including clothing, electronics, and household items. It is known for its vast selection of products and competitive prices.


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