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The best phrases to brighten someone's day in an instant, according to a happiness expert

Everyone has a superpower that might not know about: the power to make another person glow. A study found that we underestimate how happy someone feels after they receive a compliment. As a happiness and well-being expert, I always remind people that these small acts of kindness have a big impact. Here are nine simple phrases you can use today to instantly brighten someone's day:

“I am proud of you.” “I see your gifts.”

“Tell me more about that.”

“I love you as you are.”

“I am grateful for you.”

“You are making a difference.”

“You inspire me.”

“You changed my life.”

“You can do this.”

Read the full article on the link below to know when each sentence can make a big impact in someone's life, on different occasions. Every compliment you give comes with a bonus. It doesn't just make the other person feel good; it makes you feel great as well!😉👏

Source news published on November 22-2022 by Stephanie Harrison of The New Happy for CNBC:


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