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The "dream" of Overnight Fortune: with just One Pound 💰

A British man's dream came true when he slept with only one pound in his bank account (about $1.16), only to wake up after a deep sleep with hundreds of times more in his account, with an amount of no less than 120,000 pounds (about 147,000 dollars).

Urslan Khan, 41 years old, from Poplar, east London, was puzzled when he saw the huge amount in his account. Immediately, Urslan decided to wake himself up from the happy dream and informed Gatehouse Bank, and the bank told him that the money belonged to him, which made him very happy.

However, the bank quickly realized its mistake, and after one day, it asked Urslan to return the money, and the man was not very happy to pay the entire amount the following Monday.

The Daily Mail quoted him as saying that he had one pound in his savings account and that when he checked his balance the next day, the result was 122,000 pounds. "Not only did they put the money in my account, but they allowed me to transfer it to my account at Barclays Bank," he added.

Urslan believes the money was intended for another client who had at least two accounts at the bank.

"Obviously this person should have two accounts - Account A and Account B. The bank should have taken the money from A and put it in B. But somehow it ended up in my account," he said.

Urslan returned the money after talking to the bank. He said that this amount "could have brought him back to life. But, if I was going to keep the money, I wouldn't tell anyone!" He added: I took the initiative to make them aware of this. I was put on hold three times - just to make sure there was nothing to worry about. It took them 24 hours to realize their mistake. Moreover, I could have transferred the amount from my bank to another account. "

Date: October 12, 2023 - Daily Mail


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