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The maid 🧹

A maid goes to the wife of the house, and demands a raise.

The wife gets mad and asks the maid "now why do you think you deserve one?" The maid instantly replied and said "there are 3 reasons.

"One is that I iron better than you." The wife, surprised by this, snapped back and said "Who said that?!" "Your husband." The maid said.

"Two is that I am a better cook than you." Says the maid. Once again the wife asks "who said that?" And again the maid said "Your husband."

"And three is that I'm better in bed than you are." The wife, now livid, shouts "Did my husband say that as well?" The maid looks at her and says

"No, the gardener did." so the wife quickly replied: "So, how much do you want?"😄😂😂😂

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