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The police meticulous checking 😂😂

Ruth, a young blonde woman, was driving her Ferrari way over the speed limit,

so she gets pulled over by the police.

The policewoman, who also turns out to be a young blonde, walks over to the Ferrari and signals Ruth to roll down her window.

With the window open, the blonde police officer demands to see Ruth’s driver's license and registration. After finding the registration in the glove compartment, Ruth starts going through her purse looking for her driver's license.

She gets exceedingly stressed when it slowly dawns on her that it is not there! After a stressful minute not finding what she is looking for she stumbles across the little mirror she uses when powdering her nose. Noticing her own reflection in the mirror, she turns to the policewoman and asks nervously: “I can’t find my driver's license, but would this suffice as ID?”

The blonde police officer takes the mirror in her hands and looks confused at it for a moment before handing it back: “OK, oh, I am sorry! You can go. I didn’t notice you were police as well!”😂😂😉

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