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The Thames Valley police arrested a drug dealer after he reported the theft of his drugs.🫢

According to the British newspaper "Daily Mail", the police in the Thames Valley arrested the drug dealer, James Beaumont, 38, after he called the police to inform them that someone entered his house and stole the drugs he was hiding inside.

Appearing at Oxford Crown Court, Beaumont pleaded guilty to possession of drugs with intent to distribute them.

His lawyer said James "suffers severely from mental health disorders." One commentator on this incident said: “This is the stupidest act ever imaginable.”

The newspaper pointed out that Beaumont did not stop at this point, but rather provided security agents with a list of stolen drugs, including cocaine, ecstasy and ketamine, which led to his arrest on the spot.

In his home, police found Class A drugs, including cocaine, ecstasy, methamphetamine and LSD, as well as Class B drugs such as cannabis and ketamine, and Class III drugs such as Etizolam.

Source: Daily Mail


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