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Why A Chinese man has been living in Beijing airport for more than 14 years? ✈

A Chinese man has been living for 14 years in Beijing's capital airport, so he can get away from his family and smoke and drink as he pleases.

Wei Jingu, who is sixty years old, considered that his move to live in Beijing airport was the best solution for him, so that he could smoke and drink as much as he wanted; If he return home, he would have to quit drinking and smoking, which he usually does with his monthly government allocations.

Jinju's home is located in Wangjing, about 12 miles from the airport, where he moved in 2008, and settled in Terminal 2, which is "the warmest" according to Jingwei. His family began sleeping in railway stations and then settled in the airport. He does not like to go out often, even for shopping, in order not to catch a cold.

According to the Daily, airport staff said: Mr Wei might get drunk sometimes, and loud but he is harmless and peaceful. we asked him to leave several times, but every time we aske him to leave he would lose his temper and complain, said one of the workers.

Citing the China Daily, the Daily Mail reported that Jinju is not the only resident of the airport, and in 2018 six people were believed to be living like him: The most famous inhabitant of the airport in the world is the Iranian Mehran Karimi Nasseri, who lived in Terminal 1 in Paris Charles de Gaulle for 18 years from 1988 until 2006 when he was hospitalized.

The refugee Mehran Karimi Nasseri, on which the 2004 movie The Terminal was based, was forced to stay at Paris airport after the British authorities sent him there because of his failure to seek entry to Britain, and the French authorities refused him entry and left him stranded at the airport.

Date: 05 April 2022: Source - Emirates Today website


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