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Your Sitting positions reveals a lot about your personality traits?

As per behavioral studies by experts, it has been found that leg position reveals personality. Our legs and feet can give away insights into our personalities. Experts state that the legs function based on commands fired through our subconscious which is hardwired to either go in the direction of what we want or move away in case of danger or negative emotions such as nervousness, anxiety, boredom, insecurities, etc.

Ready to know what your sitting position says about your personality?

Sitting Position #1: Knees Straight

Key Traits: Intelligent, Rational Thinkers, Punctual, Smart Workers, Cleanliness Lover, Honest but Reserved.

In a study by researchers at Ohio State University, it was revealed that people who sit with knees straight are perceived as qualified for a job role during their interviews. They are also found to be one who believes in themselves and their skills. They have a healthy and positive outlook toward themselves and as a result, they have fewer insecurities.

Sitting Position #2: Knees Apart

Key Traits: Self-centered, Arrogant, Judgmental, Short attention span, and quick to get bored.

People who sit with their knees apart are found to have a self-centered vibe going on about them. They also appear to be arrogant and judgmental. However, studies have revealed totally opposite of what seems on the surface. You are most likely to be an anxious and worrisome person. You aim for perfection so much that you are constantly filled with fear of something going wrong.

Sitting Position #3: Crossed Legs

Key Traits: Artistic, Creative, Imaginative, Dreamer, Defensive or closed-off.

Are you artistic? Do you tend to dream a lot with eyes wide open? You must have a habit of sitting with your legs crossed. Right? Studies have revealed that if you are someone who sits with crossed legs are often exploding with out-of-box creative ideas. You have highly imaginative thinking. You are quite a dreamer. You can get lost in your train of thought while sitting in a group of people. You usually have a big personality but you are very less likely to take up the space in the room.

Sitting Position #4: Ankle-Crossed

Key Traits: Elegant, Refined, Down-to-earth, Confident, Regal, Ambitious, Defensive

Did you know sitting with ankles crossed is a common sitting position of the British Royal family? If you sit with ankles crossed, you have a regal and queen-like way of living life. You are elegant, refined, and down-to-earth. You can appear highly confident and comfortable in any situation. You are seldom found making a panic, you are okay with things moving at their own pace. In fact, you have the ability to make everyone around you feel confident as well.

Sitting Position #5 Four Leg Lock Personality Traits

Key Traits: Confident, Dominating, Youthful, Secure, Content, Argumentative, Competitive

The Figure-Four leg lock sitting position looks like you are forming figure four (number 4) with your legs crossed, one ankle over another knee. If you sit in the figure four leg lock sitting position then it reflects that you are confident and dominating.

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