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About Happynass

“Happynass” is an online platform built to elevate the world with happier and more positive content. Our concept embodies our mission, inspiring a space of "happy people” for everyone, everywhere.

All around us are beautiful stories, nice, and empowering waiting to be seen and shared. Yet most mainstream media report on crime, disasters, and loads of bad news, which affects our mood and thoughts with negativity and disappointment, instilling fear into our minds and distrust in our hearts.

We’re here to change the game and shift your focus to the brighter side of life. Bringing people together to partake in a space that comes with its very own happiness guarantee, where you can escape from the noise of ‘typical’ headlines and instead, plug in for your daily dose of smiles. 

Each piece of content is handpicked by our community and in-house editors with the justification as to WHY to shine a light on the acts of kindness and compassion which make us feel happier and more cheerful.

So we broadcast news, music, jokes, and much more, all joyful for a better kind of vibe, revealing the goodness that exists in our world, translated into credible content that uplifts, entertains and most of all makes you happy!


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