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A "terrifying creature" from the depths of the sea appears on the beach of an American state

Goers at Cannon Beach, Oregon, found a dead black fish with teeth resembling shards of glass, sparking speculation about its origin.

The Seaside Aquarium Center confirmed that the dead creature on the beach was an anglerfish, called the “football fish” in the Pacific Ocean, which lives in complete darkness at a depth of 2,000 to 3,000 feet (about 600 to 900 meters) below the surface of the ocean. This is only the thirty-second time that humans have spotted the fish.

“While a handful of footballfish have been recorded in New Zealand, Japan, Russia, Hawaii, Ecuador, Chile and California, this is the first fish to be reported from the Oregon Coast to our knowledge,” Seaside wrote in a Facebook post.

The "football fish" in the Pacific Ocean is one of more than 200 species of anglerfish. It is a bony fish. It has black eyes attached to the sides of its flat heads, with a dangling, bioluminescent protrusion protruding from its face to catch prey the size of its body.

The post also stated: “Males lose eyes and internal organs, and obtain all their nutrients from females. In return, they provide females with a constant source of sperm.”

Source: Daily Mail - Published on 23/05/2024


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