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A 40-year-old woman Saved after falling into a well in an Algerian city

A 40-year-old woman fell into a well in an Algerian city

Members of the secondary unit of Civil Protection, Daya Ben Dahoua in the Algerian city of Ghardaia, managed to rescue a 43-year-old woman who fell into a traditional well 20 meters deep which contains 1 meter of water.

The Algerian rescue operation was similar to the one that took place for the Moroccan child "Rayan"

According to the Algerian newspaper, "An-Nahar", "the woman suffered multiple bruises, where she was taken out and first aided on the spot and taken urgently to the hospital in order to receive the necessary aid."

The Civil Protection Directorate called on landowners to "cover the wells tightly to avoid any danger of a human or animal falling."

Source News 13-February 2022: "An-Nahar"


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