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A British man marries his first love 60 years after they called off their engagement.💍

Two British elderly people decided to finally get married after a 60-year love story, after their family objected to their marriage when they were young.

Lynn Albrighton, 79, met Janet Steer, 78, for the first time in 1963 when they were trained as nurses at St Mary's Hospital on the Isle of Wight in London, according to the New York Post.

Lynn fell in love with Janet at first sight, and after a few months of working together, he got engaged. Lynn had moved to Australia and planned to buy a plot of land, build a house for them, and then bring Janet to him.

The two fiancés were forced to call off their engagement, as Janet's parents objected to their marriage.

Lin then married a girl in Australia, and Janet married someone on the Isle of Wight.

Many years later, Lin gets divorced and decides to search for his long-lost love.

"I hope she's doing well," Lin said. "I'm so happy to see her, too!"

From Janet side, A year after she met her ex-husband, he died of cancer and she got married finally to Lin.


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