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A courage safe landing after a huge bird crashes into a plane, smashing the cockpit window.🦅

A pilot has managed to keep his cool after an enormous bird smashed his cockpit windshield in Ecuador, leaving him covered in blood.

The video clip of pilot Ariel Valente went viral after he recorded the horrific crash in Venice, Los Rios County.

The footage shows the remains of the bird and its huge claws hanging over the pilot, who has blood all over his face and uniform as he continues to steer the plane, looking unfazed.

Fortunately for him, the pilot completed his exercises and was not injured, and the plane maintained its balance the entire time.

It was not known what kind of bird it was, but some speculated it was an Andean condor with a wingspan of 10 feet.

Published 16-June-2023 - Source : Al Jadeed


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