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🚢A cruise ship is home sweet home for a married couple !

Couples Angeline and Richard Burke have discovered that it is less expensive to live on cruise ships than to rent or buy a home,

The couple had been a travel partner since 1992 before they got married, and they enjoyed traveling around the world more by ship than by plane, according to the website "Australia in Arabic".

Angeline says the daily cost of living on the ship is only about A$62, with many advantages such as living in her own style.

The couple quit their job and plan to sell their home in Seattle to continue their lives in the seas and oceans, and complete their journey that began in 2021.

Angeline and Richard visit different countries all the time, they love to travel, and they save a lot of money that could have been spent on mortgages without all the advantages of the wonderful marine life which living on a cruise is offering.

Angeline says she has spared her whole life to be able to fulfill her dream of perpetual cruising across the world.

When they have to live several days on land while planning another trip, the couple say they miss the sea very much.

Richard and Angeline have visited most countries in the world so far, including Singapore, Italy, Canada, Iceland, the Bahamas, and many other destinations; They consider Singapore the best countries they have visited so far.

Angeline advised to always look forward to the best deals and offers to enjoy a wonderful life in nature at much lower costs than living on land.


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