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A design that could revolutionize the world of aviation tourism: Two-tiered cabin seats!

Flying in an Economy Class cabin for a long distance can be stressful, but one airline seat designer believes his design could revolutionize travel on a budget.

The concept of the "Chaise Longue" plane seat, conceived by Alejandro Nunez Vicente, began to be applied on a small scale last year, as part of a university project, when he was 21 years old.

The Economy Class seat concept was nominated for the 2021 Crystal Cabin Awards, the industry's premier award, and the design gained online attention following an article on CNN. Since then, Vicente Nunez has been causing a stir in the aviation world, negotiating with famous airlines and seat manufacturers. And he got some huge investments that allowed him to develop the project.

But while some marvel at Núñez Vicente's innovation, others are concerned about the issue of claustrophobia—particularly that sitting under another passenger would be worse, not better, than the current setup of Economy Class seats.

Designed for the everyday traveler, Nunez Vicente stresses that he's keen to hear what potential travelers have to say, whether it's positive or negative feedback.

He explained, "My goal in being here is to change the economy class seats for what is in the interest of humanity, or for all people who cannot pay for expensive tickets."

The design eliminates the presence of the upper luggage compartment, instead, Nunez Vicente designed a space between the upper and lower levels to accommodate passengers' luggage inside the cabin.

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Published on June 16, 2022


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