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🐕‍🦺A dog earns a college degree after accompanying his crippled owner throughout her school years


"Justin" the service dog fetched himself something special at his owner's tradition. The canine companion received a college diploma from Seton Hall University in New Jersey at the school's graduation, which he walked with his graduating owner Grace Mariani. During Mariani's commencement ceremony at the Prudential Center on Monday, the pup celebrated along with his owner as she earned a Bachelor of Science in Education degree — and then was gifted with some paperwork of his own. Rescue Saves 24 Dogs and Names Pups After Taylor Swift to Celebrate Singer's N.Y.C. Shows Justin, who accompanied Mariani to her classes during college, was handed a diploma from Seton Hall President Joseph E. Nyre in a sweet viral clip. The university administration stated that the dog "Justin" accompanied its owner, Grace Mariani, during all classes, as she was studying for a certificate in primary education and special education. In the video, Justin grabs his diploma with his mouth while the crowd cheers on the canine and Mariani. Nyre throws up his hands to celebrate the dog, Mariani, and the pair's achievements. reported that the service dog is 6 years old, a surprising age for a college diploma holder. Fellow alum and current Seton Hall students commended both Justin and Mariani for their accomplishments on Twitter, with some tweeting that Justin must've been "so proud" of Mariani, and others calling the clip a "wonderful moment."

Source News Published on May 25, 2023


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