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🐶 A dog keeps a man, who fell from a mountain, warm for 13 hours and saves his life!

A parker dog saved his life in a ravine in a by lying on it to be warmed in the snow for 13 hours until relief teams arrived, Croatian media reported Tuesday.

Gurga Berkic was injured last weekend after falling from a height of 150 meters with a dog in the Velebit mountain (Croatian mountainous region) range near the Adriatic coast.

Relief workers were unable to reach the man and the dog due to snow, ice and trees uprooted by landslides.

Three hikers, accompanied by the Alaskan malamute dog "North", began their descent to an ice slope when the accident occurred near the highest peak of the mountain range, which is about 1,800 meters high.

"North crumpled on the man and warmed him," the Mountain Relief Agency said.

A photo released by aid workers shows the dog crumpled next to the man, who was lying on a stretcher.

The dog's owner told the local newspaper, "Utarni List", "This little dog is a real miracle, gentle and loving and probably loves humans more than other dogs."

Date: January 04, 2022 - AFP


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