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A drone Save a man from drowning!

In an accident, the first of its kind in the country, a drone rescued a person from drowning in a Russian resort on the Black Sea.

The accident occurred on the main beach of the city, when a young man miscalculated his abilities and swam too far from the coast and began drowning.

The administration indicated that the resort's surveillance system monitored this accident and sent a drone that dropped a life jacket on the young man, allowing him to remain above the water's surface until rescuers on a boat arrived at the site of the accident.

The administration stated that the doctors provided the young man with the required medical assistance on the coast and nothing now threatens his health.

The administration pointed out that the drones entered service on the beaches of Anapa this year within the framework of an unprecedented project in the country that was developed in cooperation with the Russian Academy of Sciences.

News 7-August - 2021 Source: RT - //


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