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A fine ticket with many stories 🏎

A traffic cop stops a man for speeding:

Policeman: "Can I see your driver's license?".

Man: "I don't have it, they suspended it for speeding."

Policeman: "Can you show me the registration document of the car?".

Man: "It's not mine, I stole it".

Policeman: "You stole this car?".

Man: “Exactly. But wait a minute, I think I saw it while I was putting the gun in the glove compartment”.

Policeman: "There's a gun in the glove compartment?".

Man: “Sure. That's where I put it after shooting the woman in this car and putting her in the trunk. "

Policeman: "There's a CORPSE in the TRUNK?!?!".

Man: "Yes, sir."

After hearing all this, the policeman immediately calls his captain at the station. The car is quickly surrounded by the police and the captain approaches the car to resolve the serious matter:

Captain: "Sir, can I see your driver's license?"

Man: “Certainly. Here it is, as you can see it's valid”.

Captain: "Who owns the car?".

Man: “It's mine. Here are the registration papers, with my name written on them, do you see? ".

Captain: "Can you slowly open the glove compartment and show me if it contains any weapons?".

Man: "Sure sir, look, there's nothing, see?".

Obviously, there is no weapon in the glove compartment.

Captain: “Can you open the trunk slowly? I've been told it contains a corpse ”.

Man: “Without the slightest problem”.

The trunk is opened and it doesn't contain any dead bodies.

Captain: “I don't understand. The policeman who stopped you told me that you told him that you didn't have a license, that you had stolen the car, that you had a gun in the glove compartment and that there was a body in the trunk".

Man: “Really!?! And I bet that liar son of a bitch also told you I was passing the speed limit"🤣🤣🤣😂😂

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