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A hippopotamus swallowed a 2-year-old boy, then spit him out alive🫢

A giant hippopotamus swallowed a two-year-old boy playing on the banks of Lake Edward in Uganda, before spewing him alive.

The baby, named Iga Bull, was delivered by a hungry hippopotamus after angry locals pelted the huge animal with stones.

According to the British newspaper "The Telegraph", eyewitnesses said, "As soon as the hippopotamus began to swallow the child, he was seen by a resident of the region called Cribas Bagunza, who did not hesitate to throw stones at the hungry animal."

They added, "Kripas' plan worked, and the hippopotamus immediately spits out the baby and swam away."

Locals took Paul to a nearby clinic, before taking him to a hospital in Buera, where doctors gave him a rabies vaccination as a precaution.

"This is the first time that a hippopotamus has emerged from Lake Edward and attacked a young child," Ugandan police said in a statement, commenting on the incident.

"It took the courage of Crispas Pagonza, who was around to save the child after he threw stones at the hippopotamus and scared him," she added.

The strange thing is that the incident occurred in April 2022, but the police were not informed of it until Monday, December 12, when video footage of the incident was widely circulated locally, according to the British Daily Star.

Source: British Daily Star Published December 16,2022 -


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