A Jordanian employee appear in his working clothes at his graduation ceremony

Picture for illustrative purpose

Social media pioneers in Jordan circulated pictures of the Jordanian struggling cleaner, Muhammad Omar Al-Asmar, in his graduation gown, and with his work tools garnering hundreds of likes and shares. Jordanian universities with a very good grade, garnered thousands of likes, after his story interacted widely on social media.

Al-Asmar appeared in pictures in graduation clothes and work at the same time, which occupied the Jordanians during the past hours. The young man explained to Al-Arabiya.net that he works in the Amman municipality as a cleaner, wandering the streets of the capital and removing waste from the street to his cart, and then emptying it in its designated place.

Source News : https://headtopics.com/ae/15931575160516094489-27195876 - Published on 8 June 2022