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A medical team succeeds in returning a seventy-year-old to walking after losing movement

A specialized Saudi medical team succeeded in returning a seventy-year-old man to walk after he lost movement, with a successful surgery that took an hour and a half.

The third Riyadh Health Caucus confirmed that the medical team supervising the case at Diriyah Hospital received the case of a patient suffering from friction and severe pain in the right knee joint, which made him lose the ability to move and practice his daily life normally.

He explained that the case was evaluated and clinical, laboratory, and radiological examinations were performed, which confirmed the presence of severe friction in the knee joint, which caused the inability to walk and the inability to fully extend the leg and bend the knee.

It was decided that surgical intervention would be performed under the supervision of a specialized medical team that includes various medical specialties, and the patient was prepared for the operation, which was crowned with success.

The third Riyadh Health Assembly stated that the man was able to move, extend the leg fully, bend the knee, and his health condition is stable, and he is currently undergoing physical therapy and rehabilitation.

Published on 29-12-2023 - Source News: Saudi "Tawasul" newspaper www.


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