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A Restaurant In Saudi Arabia Offer Free Meals

A Saudi newspaper reported that a restaurant in the kingdom offers free meals year-round to the poor.

In the northern Saudi Arabian province of Rafha, a sign invites the poor to enter the restaurant. Don't be embarrassed and leave you and your family without food if you have no money. The notice encourages residents to come in and take what they need for themselves and their families.

Badr Al Shamari, owner of the restaurant, told news portal Sabq that the gesture aims to support the poor and the less fortunate by providing them with free meals.

Rather than seeking marketing or veiled publicity, this initiative aims to gain Allah's - God satisfaction.

Due to its quality menu and service, as well as its attractive location, the restaurant has a high turnout of customers.

the Translation of what is written in the picture from Arabic: "Dear Brother: If you don't have money, you are welcome, you and your family, to take and eat whatever you want for free, God bless."


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