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A spectator becomes a referee after the assistant referee is injured in a German League match

A spectator in a confrontation between Wolfsburg and Cologne in the German Football League on Saturday turned into the match's fourth referee after the assistant referee was injured.

The match was stopped in the 14th minute when Cologne player Max Winkgraf shot a strong ball in the face of assistant referee Thorben Siver, who was close to the field.

The assistant referee appeared groggy and left the field with the help of the medical team. He was replaced by the fourth referee, Nicholas Venter.

After appealing to spectators to find any qualified referees, Tobias Kroll, 32, stepped forward to take on the role of fourth official as an emergency substitute.

Kroll, a goalkeeper for MTV Gifhorn in the German sixth division, changed his clothes to wear a black tracksuit and join the official refereeing team.

The Match result between Wolfsburg and Cologne ended in a 1-1 draw.

Source: A B - Publication date: 27/01/2024


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