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A talented nine years old Lebanese, is the first in the world in the mathematic competition!

Imad Saadeh, do you say the nine-year-old? Or do we say the genius boy? Imad participated in an international mathematics competition twice, and the second time, he won first place in the world.

Imad was known for his love of mathematics in his early school years, he spent a long time solving difficult problems that exceeded his grade levels with the help and encouragement of his mother who work as an engineer . He deals with math problems as a hobby that he excels at.

He took from the home confinement period an opportunity for him to devote himself to his hobby and develop his mental abilities, he confided to his mother that he wanted to participate in a competition to practice his hobby.

The mother began to look for a local or international competition in which her son could participate, and she found the Canadian "caribou contests." She tried to register his name in the contest, which amounts to only nine dollars, but she was unable because of the financial measures taken by the banks and the suspension of foreign transactions with Lebanese credit cards.

So the mother contacted the Foundation via the mail, explaining about her situation and her willing for her son to participate in the competition. so she received an email from the Foundation, informing her that her son Imad and any other Lebanese student could enter the competition for free as an initiative by them to encourage Lebanese students and urge them to learn and persevere. .

Emad competed with 17,300 children from all over the world twice, in the first time he ranked 28 out of 12,000 competitors, and in the second time he ranked first in the world out of 17,300 competitors.

The Caribou Konest Foundation holds 6 competitions annually, each containing 12 questions of 50 minutes duration.

Today, Imad is the pride of his parents and the pride of the Lebanese youth and children. He is also considered a symbol of perseverance and progress to achieve his goal.

Despite his young age, the child proved to the whole world and its citizens that with will and perseverance a dream can be achieved. Her mum contributed as well to his success by opening the door for him to find and participate in a competiotion which shows his skills !!

Well Done Imad!!

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