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A US Uber driver, moved by the story of a passenger, donates his kidney to him.

This story will appeal to those who are too cynical and pessimistic about life, and believe that humanity no longer exists. Well, you may be reassured that humanity still holds onto certain virtues after reading this. Despite it being difficult in today's times to expect assistance from one's family, a 72-year-old man was given a second chance at life by an Uber driver.

Currently working as an Uber driver, Tim Letts was driving Bill Sumiel home from his dialysis center. The ride would change his life forever, little did he know.

Bill revealed to him that he was in need of a kidney transplant during their conversation. As a result of developing diabetes 20 to 30 years earlier, Bill suffered from kidney failure in his later years. His physicians advised him to actively look for a kidney rather than wait on the donor list since he needed a transplant.

In response to Bill's story, Tim offered to donate one of his kidneys at the end of the trip.

When Tim arrived at Bill’s house, he left his name and number, indicating that he was serious about his offer. Before receiving the kidney, Sumiel had been on the transplant list for three and a half years.

Sumiel felt grateful but was also concerned that Letts’s Kidney wouldn’t be a match. However, after the tests, Tim was told he was ‘an outstanding match’ and was approved by the transplant team. Then, in December 2021, the two underwent successful surgery.


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