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A volunteer Saves a child stuck in an underground tank about two days after he went missing in Saudi

A Saudi citizen, volunteering with search and rescue teams, managed to find a child who was stuck in an underground water tank devoid of water, about two days after he was lost from his family's home, in the Afif governorate in the Kingdom, according to the newspaper, "Sabq".

The child's voice and the distress calls he issued from inside the tank led the Volunteer to reach him, when he was passing by a building under construction (closed). After entering, he discovered the presence of the child inside the tank. The one who had no water in it, and he took it out by means of a rope that he lowered to him and held on to it, then he informed the security authorities who started the work and took the child to the hospital, and he is in good health.

Source: ""سبق" Published on 20-04-2022


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