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A young man surprises his family, ALIVE a month after his burial!

The people of an Egyptian village were stunned and shocked after they saw one of the people living in the area, knocking on his family's door, a month after his death was announced, and was buried in a cemetery near the village.

In the details, the family residing in the village of Manial Al-Arous, affiliated to the city of Ashmoun in the Menoufia governorate in the north of the country, was surprised by Muhammad Adel, who is supposed to have died in an accident and his body was buried alive, knocking on the door of the house asking to enter.

The family explained that their son, "Mohamed Adel Mahmoud Abdel Hamid Murad", suffers from autism, and he left the house in a state of neglect and his traces disappeared, and despite their publication of his pictures on social networking sites, they did not receive information about him, until one of them told them that their son was in a private hospital in the governorate. Qalyubia, after he was hit by a train, later died because of the accident. The family identified the young man and obtained burial permits.

The details of the young man were not clear to them, but it was close, and they thought that the body belonged to their son “Mohammed”, and actually received it and finished the procedures, took the body, and buried it with hundreds of people from the village of Manial Arous in Ashmoun, Menoufia Governorate, until Thursday when they were surprised after the Maghrib call to prayer, that their son appeared again and that he is still on Alive!!!

Authorities are searching for the identity of the owner who buried the corpse and conducted a DNA analysis, and the Public Prosecution office, which carried out the investigation, was notified.



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