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A young man woke up from coma one week later after being stung by more than 20,000 killer bees 🐝

A 20-year-old has fallen into a coma after being stung by more than 20,000 killer bees in the United States, according to his family.

Austin Bellamy, 20, who was put on a respirator, was deliberately put into a coma at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center in Ohio.

In a post she wrote on a page set up to raise funds and pay for hospitalization, his mother, Shauna Carter, said he was "fighting for his life," noting that her son had been stung more than 20,000 times and swallowed about 30 bees.

Austin Bellamy was cutting down a lemon tree when he accidentally removed a nest of killer bees. This bee, called the African bee, known to be very harmful.

Bellamy's grandmother and uncle, who were near him, witnessed the incident without being able to intervene because they were also attacked by the bees.

Grandma Phyllis Edwards said Bellamy was calling for help, but "no one was able to help him", adding: "I was trying to climb the stairs to get to him, but I couldn't because the bees were surrounding me."

The young man woke up about a week later. His family said doctors expect him to make a full recovery.🙏🙏

Published: 01.09.2022 Source: ndtv -RT Arabic:


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