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After 12 years away, a British cat returns home to its owner

Fox News reported that Briton Theo McCain reunited with his cat named Artie when she returned home after disappearing 12 years.

Theo Macken said: Our cat, Artie, disappeared in 2012 while moving to a new home, and we spent six months searching for her, but in the end we gave up hope of finding him again.

However, a few weeks ago, Artie was found near where Theo currently resides. The neighbors who discovered the cat's presence on their private property took it to the veterinary clinic, where it was found that it was equipped with a microchip containing the owners' data.

Days before Artie was returned to her owner, a number of teeth that were in poor condition were extracted, and she was treated for diseases that she had contracted during her period of homeless on the streets.

“She meowed every time I approached her,” a neighbor said.

This is not the only case. In the United States, a cat was also found after 10 years of unsuccessful searches.

Source: Gazeta - Published on 5 June-2024


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