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Algerian Director of Public Security was relieved of his duties after a young man arrived in France on a plane ✈

The duties of the Director General of National Security in Algeria, Farid Ben Sheikh, were terminated and Ali Badawi was appointed as his successor, following the infiltration of a young man onto a plane at Oran Airport and his arrival, clinging to its wheels, to France.

The Algerian News Agency said on Monday that the Minister of the Interior, Local Governments and Urban Development, Ibrahim Murad, “supervised today in Algiers the official inauguration of the new Director General of National Security, Ali Badawi, to succeed Farid Ben Sheikh, without mentioning any additional details about the reasons for his removal.” ".

Yesterday, Sunday, the investigating judge at the Ottoman Court in the Oran Judicial Council, western Algeria, issued orders to temporarily detain 10 police officers and agents working at Ahmed Ben Bella International Airport in Oran, in the wake of an incident where a person infiltrated the wheel-folding system room of an Air Algerie plane on its flight. Heading to Orly Airport in Paris, France, on December 28, 2023.

A statement issued by the Republic’s Prosecution Office at the Ottoman Court of the Oran Judicial Council said that a judicial investigation had been opened against 10 police officers and agents working at the airport and a mechanic belonging to the Algerian airline, on charges of committing an unintentional act that would expose the people inside the plane to death and endanger the lives of the people inside the plane. Others and their physical safety are directly at risk, and committing an act that jeopardizes the security of the aircraft.

On January 4, the Algerian presidency announced that President Abdelmadjid Tebboune had ordered the Director-General of Internal Security to open an in-depth preliminary investigation into the infiltration incident of the young man, “Rahmani Mehdi,” for the purpose of illegal immigration via an Air Algerie plane at Oran International Airport at 08:05 a.m. on the 28th. 12/2023 on its flight to Orly Airport, where it was caught.

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