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An 80-year-old woman is pursuing her Ph.D. with distinction after completing her master's degree.

Amal Ismail Metwally, 80 years old, from Mansoura city in Egypt obtained a master's degree upon approving the thesis submitted by her, at the Faculty of Arts at Mansoura University, after discussing it with the scientific committee.

Amal Ismail said that she suffered a number of health crises, which caused her to delay obtaining her goal of obtaining a doctorate.

After a discussion of nearly an hour and a half, the scientific committee agreed to give her an excellent grade, with a recommendation to print the thesis and exchange it with universities.

Amal, along with her granddaughter and supervisor of her dissertation, began to choose the topic of the dissertation, which was titled "The Social and Cultural Lifestyle of Advanced Age Groups".

The lady indicated that she obtained a preparatory certificate at the age of 38, and her cancer prevented her from continuing, She was able to defeat the disease, and when she reached the age of 68, she decided to continue her secondary education, and after three years of excellence, she graduated and joined the Sociology Department at the Faculty of Arts, University Mansoura.


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