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An American city without police?! 👮‍♂️

US officials have announced that a small town in Minnesota will soon be devoid of police, after the chief of police and all his sheriffs resign.

Goodhue City Council accepted the resignations of the chief of police, a full-time officer and five part-time officers during a special meeting on Monday, which was meant to address pay increases.

"At this point, there is no reason to talk about a pay increase as we no longer have a police force," said Mayor Elaine Anderson-Back at the start of the meeting, noting that Jodhu Police Chief Josh Smith and the other officers tendered their resignations last week.

During a city council meeting on July 26, Smith expressed frustration with trying to hire officers and argued that the salary was not competitive enough.

"Right now with our current attempt at hiring at $22 an hour, you'll never see anyone walk through those doors again, unless you make a drastic change," Smith told council members.

He pointed out that the appointment of small police departments starts at $ 30 an hour, and that the city police lack other incentives such as rewards for signing contracts, indicating that the part-time officers were working to a large extent as a "personal service."

The sheriff said Smith and another full-time officer will stay until Aug. 24, and that the Goodhue County Sheriff's Office will handle calls and investigations from that point on.

Source: abc news - Published on August 17,2023


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